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    ScreenShieldX is a high grade, woven, stainless steel mesh delivering superior protection. Plus, with its triple locking system, you can enjoy safety for you and your family whilst keeping unwanted guests and bugs out. ScreenShieldX security screen doors and windows are assembled using a unique patented pneumatic clamping process eliminating the need for screws to retain the mesh in its surrounding frame. This system ensures no dissimilar metal surfaces come into contact with each other, avoiding the possibility of corrosion.


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    Premium Quality Security Screen Doors For Sydney Homes

    Believe it or not, unwelcome guests are more likely to come in through your home’s front door, just like everybody else. In addition to having an operational security system, it’s important to have your business or home property fitted with security doors to keep the building and the people inside it safe. At Kings Security Doors, we have a range of security screen doors that would make an excellent addition to any property.

    ScreenShieldX is an impact- and corrosion-resistant steel mesh security door that we supply to this effect. Not only does it boost your home’s aesthetic value, but it also works well to bump up your security too.

    We Offer Expert Advice On Which Security Screen Door Is Best For You

    Choosing the right security mesh set for the entrances to your home can be a difficult task. However, with some help from the well-versed professional in our employ, you’ll have all the knowledge and experience you need at your disposal to make a decision. Feel free to ask questions and make sure you’re clear on everything concerned with getting your home fitted.

    The ScreenShieldX Is Everything You Want In A Security Screen, By Offering:

    A First Impression That Lasts

    The sleek, clean finish ensures that this door will this complement any home that it’s fitted in. Whether you have visitors going in and out often or you intend to sell the property at some point, our range of mesh doors and windows sports some serious curb appeal.

    Great Temperature Control & Ventilation

    Australian summers can get hot, so it helps to have doors that keep your indoor area cool with fresh air. Installing a security screen door lets you keep the door open without actually opening it – plus, it filters out critters too.

    Enhanced Property Security

    This product is designed to provide additional security at the entrances to your home. From window to door, you’ll enjoy extra reinforcements all around.

    Customisation To Suit Your Unique Needs & Specifications

    We understand that every home is different, so we can make screens that fit like gloves. All it takes is an on-site visit to take down the most accurate specifications. Then you’re set!

    Get A Top Tier Security Screen Door From A Reliable Supplier

    If you’re searching for security screen doors in Sydney, you’re at the right place. Contact King Security Doors today.