What You Need to Do for Your Security Door Quotation

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When it comes to home security its best to protect every aspect, which is why you should start by investing in a security door. By making the decision to invest in a security door you are proactively making the decision to safeguard your home and contents. 

Before you make the final decision about your security door though, there are several factors that should be carefully considered. This is all part of the quotation process and it can help to ensure that your home is completely protected. 

To ensure that you’re informed about what to ask when you’re getting a quotation; we have compiled a list of key points and considerations.


  1. Environmental Factors

You should consider a number of environmental factors when deciding on the type of security door you want installed. Chief amongst these factors is whether you are in a high-crime area or not. If you are living in an area where there is a higher frequency of break ins reported then you will want an enhanced level of protection. If you are unsure of what the crime level is like in your area speak to your neighbours, explore the internet or even visit your local police station for more information. 

Additionally if you are living in a high pollution area or near the sea or the ocean you will want to ensure that the steel and aluminium components of your doors are treated against corrosion from these elements. 

  1. Available Space

The size of your entryways is also a key determinant for your security door requirements. Whether you have standard single doors, double doors, sliding glass doors, or a custom shaped door will directly influence the style of security door that gets installed. Different sized-doors will alter the cost of the installation too, so always consider this when it comes time to get a quote.

  1. Style

There are a number of highly durable and resilient materials that are used in the fabrication of security doors. Among the most popular types of security doors are:

  • Aluminium

Low level models may cost around $250-$350 while doors that meet or exceed Australian standards usually retail for around $450. 

  • Steel

A quality constructed steel door sells for at least $650, and this price increases based on your specific instructions, considerations, and inclusions. 

  • Stainless Steel Mesh

Starting from $800 this highly durable security door can reach costs as high as $1000. 

  • Structural Grade Aluminium Perforated Sheet

A security door of this design is generally priced at approximately $650 on the Australian Market.


To ensure that you gain the right door for your needs it is important that you scrutinise all of these factors closely. If you would like further information regarding the requirements for a comprehensive quote, contact Kings Security Doors today. We have been proudly providing Sydney with an array of security door options for years.

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