Summer Lovin’



I love the smell of summer and the feel of an open house. The kids running in and out, the dog barking, the sound of laughter…

It doesn’t get more Australian.

As time goes by, this carefree feeling is still there, however it is now slightly clouded, thanks to my first experience of a break in at my own home!

After 10 yrs of building and selling security I never really understood the true feeling of having someone break into my house, of someone rummaging through my personal items. Through draws, cupboards, my kids’ bedrooms. It sucked!


Being a country boy I was always very relaxed about our home, a mind set of “It will never happen to me”. I grew up on a property where the key was never taken out of the front door and the car keys were always in the ignition.


Times have changed!

I’m determined not to forgo my children the feeling of freedom, so I just do things a little differently now.

I installed a 4ft fence and a lockable gate as well as a few other items. For a guy who runs a security company I had very little security. I didn’t want to live in a jail, I wanted my home open and free. After plenty of thought and design we settled on a cool, laser cut design door, something that combined the feeling of industrial design with a sense of security. I installed the stainless mesh screens on all the bedrooms, again giving me peace of mind without the distraction of bars. It’s allowed air flow while keeping the mozzies at bay on those summer nights.


The Aluminium Slat Fence and gate have been a great addition. Its smartened up the front of our 1950’s home giving it a more contemporary feel. It allows us to use the front yard more as we follow the sun from east to west. It gives us privacy and security without looking like I’m trying to hide something. Subtle but firm.

We don’t have to sacrifice our sense of freedom, we just need to tweak things a little. My home is still open and free, It’s just a little harder for any opportunist wandering by. It doesn’t scream Fort Knox, it just whispers, “Go next door”. ?

Enjoy the summer and stay safe.

Dan Roche
Managing Director
Kings Security Doors

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