Our Team

Our Team is made up of 20 very talented people.
We have worked very hard to build this current group and are very proud of the effort, creativity and down to earth workmanship they put in on a daily basis.
Our code has alway been to put the customer first. We have no time for politics or prima donnas.
It’s always been about being the best in every field that makes up this wonderful business.
Meet the Team

Dave Labib - Sales - Director
Dan Roche - Managing Director
Phil Outtrim - Sales & Locksmith
Kim Monteford - Office Manager
George Kontos - Sales & Installations
Alex Ayres - Installer
Stewart Kearns - Head Installer
Emma McCoid - First Class Welder & Production Manager
John Kearns - Welder & Baby of the Team
Dennis - Welder
Levi - Welder & Blacksmith
Dan Jefferies - Head Screener & Quality Control
Jake Hoareau - Welder & Screener
Pete Stroud - Aluminium Fabricator
Rudi - 1st Class Welder & Great Bloke
Tu - Master Powder Coater
Rudi - Tig King
Brain Storming
Slats Factory
Marcello - Draftsman