Customise Your Stainless Steel Doors and More

At KINGS Security Doors, we understand that your security is about more than just protection, it represents your home or your business. This is why the way your security doors look is as important as how they function. 

We provide a range of stainless steel doors, laser cut products and more, ensuring you have a wide selection to choose from. As specialists in custom-made and non-standard doors and grilles, we will provide that DIY feeling with a professional finish. Here are a few things to consider when customising your door.




Security features regularly become part of your exterior façade, so it’s important that they complement their surroundings. To match your taste and architecture, our products are available in a range of long-lasting and eye-catching colours. Our products will enhance the style and décor of your home or business, providing a professional or personal finish. 

We utilise powder coating techniques for our products, ensuring a vibrant colour of your choice, which is made to last.




Security doors might be strong and durable, but that doesn’t mean that they’re drab and boring. Stainless Steel Doors look fantastic when you choose Kings-Guard, and you can even choose doors and window grilles to match each other. 

We can also utilise laser cut technology to provide custom designs match your setting. All of our products are made to Australian standards and are designed for safety, security and aesthetic appeal. 



Professional or Personal?

It is also important to understand what you are trying to represent through your choice of door. A stainless steel door may suit your business best, while a laser cut door might look best in your home. This could change depending on your industry, your neighbourhood and your personal tastes. The important thing to remember is that security in often your first impression, and that if you can think of it; we can usually design and fabricate it.


Through consultation with our sales team and engineering department, we can create the best custom made or non-standard product for your property. Whether it’s commercial or residential, give us a call or visit our showroom for DIY without the hassle.